About us

Great past for a better future

IAMASGroup, active in the fields of commercial and industrial research of renewable energy, water purification systems, energy storage systems, waste management systems and military stelth systems. With our years of experience in the industry, we have identified the real needs of the market and we have researched and combined innovation with realistic entrepreneurship.

Our experience since 2004 has been renewable energy technology and technologies related to environmental protection. We have gained considerable experience in the commercial, construction and research area of ​​all technologies related to environmental protection.

In the past, we have been very influential in our commercial activity because we have led our perception to those points that correlated with the real needs of our customers and the particular requirements of the modern market.

By investing in technology and research to improve the efficiency of renewable energy energy systems and by industrializing our technologies, we are constantly engaged in all the leading energy and environmental technologies.

With our accurate predictions about the course of things, our company has been able to be in the market at the right place, at the right time. Thus, we have become a market leader, i.e. we are among the first companies in the field of renewable energy that have been active in Greece and other European countries.

Along with a consultative role, our company has exploited and introduced in countries such as Greece and Albania the framework of the European Union's legislative reforms on the liberalization of the energy market by promoting "Green Development".

The breadth of our scope of action has never been limited to a particular segment of the market. Along with the trade, we have also dealt with construction, study and development of innovative products as we have actively participated with all the institutions involved in the field, in order to improve their legislation on the implementation of new technologies.

The analysis of the European market in the field of environmental protection products (in our estimation, while following closely this business ecosystem in recent years) focuses on the major issue of waste management.

Waste management is a generally one that is divided into subdivisions, such as industrial waste, municipal waste, agricultural waste and others.

There are hundreds of companies in the world that offer specialized products to handle certain types of waste. The implementation of these solutions often work against the protection of the environment, as from the total volume of waste they process, a large percentage of it is ending up in the landfills.

IAMASGroup has approached its waste management technology in the most efficient way by increasing the range of applicability of waste treatment. Our factories can also provide specialized solutions depending on the type of waste but this is done through comprehensive solutions such as integrated urban waste management.

The idea of ​​converting waste into diesel (DIESEL) is not new. However, our patented reactor is more efficient, operates seamlessly and produces fuel of constant quality, high purity, with the same fuel specifications as available on the market.

The innovation of our factory plants is not limited to the quality of the DIESEL produced. The quantity and yield of DIESEL in relation to the input material is the maximum that can be produced thanks to the innovative design of our systems: Our reactor, exploits the maximum yield of the fractional depolymerization technology. This is the uniqueness of the patented fuel production process with our fractional depolymerization reactor.

IAMAS factories are the only ones on the market that can offer a guarantee of the quality of the DIESEL produced.

Another great innovation that we offer, is the automated and efficient way of sorting and separating waste, which increases the waste management range as many recycling materials and raw materials such as aluminum, iron, copper, etc. are cheaply recovered from the automated process at a low cost.

In addition, we also innovate in the area of energy autonomy of the plant, which significantly reduces its operating costs. This is achieved by generating electricity through sophisticated generators that feed the power plant with energy. The bulk of the energy is sold directly to the Public Electricity Network at the current selling prices in each country.

In this way with our research and years of experience in the industry, we have identified the real needs of the market, we have researched and combined innovation with realistic entrepreneurship.

The philosophy of our proposals is based on new innovative technologies with the aim of creating more attractive and efficient investments in this field, being integrated and covering all the needs of the waste management sector.

IAMASGroup is constantly investing in research and employs the work of its partners to further develop and improve the technologies offered, as well as to create new technologies.