Water Purification Systems


This is an innovative and efficient water detoxification nanotechnology for the destruction of extremely hazardous toxins and emerging pollutants in natural waters and water supplies.

Our technology has won the the PSIPW International Prize for Water Award Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Over half of the word population lives in regions where access to water will become a challenge to existence. Human beings, animals, vegetation and environment are affected by hazardous pollutants of emerging concern that appear in water. These pollutants include industrial and pharmaceutical compounds, toxins, hormones (endocrine disruptors), and pathogenic microorganisms.

There is a need for worldwide coordinated water research aiming at pollutants detection, assessment, and abatement. In this direction, the development of novel analytical techniques to identify/determine traces of new extremely harmful emerging contaminants in water and the implementation of innovative technologies for their elimination are of the highest priorities for the protection of the environment and the world's survival.

In our methodology, we followed a holistic approach going from the level of the nanomaterials synthesis to device design and manufacture, passing through process engineering and optimization.

We thus developed an innovative and efficient water detoxification nanotechnology for the destruction of extremely hazardous toxins and emerging pollutants in natural waters and water supplies, by taking advantage of solar light and environmentally friendly, innovative titania photocatalysts combined with ceramic and composite membranes.

The new technology, by contrast to conventional separation methods, focuses on advanced oxidation processes with global environmental applications and brings about the photocatalytic degradation of contaminants during the filtration process. It thus permits water purification and water quality enhancement under normal solar light conditions, with high efficiency and low cost.

In the case of water resources, the obtained results are of high quality and demonstrated research excellence, confirmed by numerous papers published in pertinent journals, many Ph.D.'s successfully completed, a plethora of educational activities done and many patents acquired.

These very promising research results can be used creatively and innovatively to optimize processes and develop products with relevance for our society. We invite people, fully committed to protect the environment and water resources, to join us in a collaborative international endeavor to practically implement the newly developed technology, for the improvement of the citizens' life and the economic development. For that reason we are support a partner research group for HORIZON IMPACT AWARD. This award is the European Commission's initiative to recognise and celebrate outstanding projects that have used their results to provide value for society.

We have strong interest in the exploitation of water purification technology that has been developed in the frame of a previous EU funded project (FP7, contract number: 227017).

NanoWater Ltd with the research group develops the technology of the photocatalytic membrane reactor, in order to proceed to its industrialization and promotion to the local and international market.